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Steps to implement, deploy, maintain, tune, and troubleshoot a MicroStrategy Business Intelligence system. Includes details to set up and manage your Intelligence Server.

Instructions to configure and maintain VLDB properties, internationalization, user privileges, and other supplemental reference information for administrators. 

Command Manager

Lets you perform various administrative and application development tasks by using text commands that can be saved as scripts.

Analyze your MicroStrategy system usage to maximize performance, increase efficiency, and profile user system usage.  

Manage, monitor, and set alerts for all of your MicroStrategy systems from one console. This guide also includes instructions for setting up and using Enterprise Manager to analyze your MicroStrategy system usage.


Beginning with MicroStrategy 10.5, Operations Manager will no longer be included with new installations. If you are upgrading from a previous version and have Operations Manager installed and activated, it will be available as an option. New installations will administer Enterprise Manager by using Command Manager.

MicroStrategy Web Administrator Help (HTML)

Information on the steps you perform when managing MicroStrategy Web for users. Administrative tasks include configuring connections and security settings, creating and managing users, groups, and security roles, and adjusting default settings for projects.

MicroStrategy Mobile Administrator Help (HTML)

Information to connect MicroStrategy Mobile Server to Intelligence Servers and projects, view log files and statistics about Mobile Server, and configure your mobile devices to connect to Mobile Server.

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